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Esther Holmans



  • Trained as a teacher within the Gympies led by Fiore Pardon

  • Currently in training at Danssport Vlaanderen 'Jazz Dance Initiator'

About Esther

I'm Esther, when I was 4 years old I first came into contact with the Gympies. I started with kindergarten gymnastics and at the age of 6 I chose Modern, Modern A. Since then I've stuck around and now I can teach the lesson myself where my love for modern started. I have been doing competition training myself since 2019 and I am part of FioLa Company, the Gympies team. Meanwhile, the competition team has become my 2nd family, a family with the same passion. Which I can now also pass on to the children of Modern A.


  • Teacher at Gympies since 2022.

  • Participation in competitions from 2019.

  • Been dancing for 12 years

  • Dance initiator in training

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