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  we are looking for talent! 

Would you also like to dance competitions under the guidance of a professional dance coach? Get extra technique lessons? Hip hop or modern style? Then you've come to the right place. Come try and take your chance!

We currently have 2 competition teams, but also great soloists and duos.

-> Send us an email for more information. Below is some more information about our audition.

27 (Hip Hop)& 28/06 (Contemporary)

Audition competition dancers

This dance year we are also organizing a new audition to train competitive dancers. 

Did you miss this one? Don't worry, email us that you would like to come and try and we'll see when this fits.

Via our registration page under 'activities' you can register in advance and find some extra information.

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GS Crew

Gympies - Carte Blanche 2022-403.jpg

Fiona Company

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