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 Our house rules 

After payment of the membership fee you agree to the internal regulations of Gympies Sterrebeek as described below.

Good communication requires good agreements. When registering, we ask you to go over all these and agree.

Appropriate clothing

Appropriate clothing for the appropriate dance class


Toddler dance

-Gymnastics slippers/sports shoes
-No bones, sandals or other inappropriate footwear
-Easily movable clothing
- No jewelry (small earrings are allowed)
-Hair fixed (short hair from the face)


-Socks or bare feet or jazz shoes
-No shoes, slippers, boots, sandals
-Easily movable clothing
-Skirt is only allowed in movable fabric and with shorts underneath
- Shorts, leggings or long pants
-No jeans
-Hair always fixed (with short hair out of the face)
-Possibly knee pads
- No jewelry (small earrings are allowed)


hip hop

-Sneakers/sports shoes
-no slippers, bones, sandals
-Easily movable clothing
-No skirts, jeans, dresses
-Shorts, leggings or long pants (sports)
-Hair always fixed (with short hair out of the face)
- No jewelry (small earrings are allowed)


Group lessons

-Appropriate sturdy sports shoes
Please note: for some lessons you need to bring your own material.

What do we bring to class?

No drinks are provided for members during dance and gym classes.

For the younger members:
- Always bring a bottle of water for during class
- Before 1.5 hours of class, a small (preferably healthy) snack may be provided
-For lessons of 1 hour this is not necessary, there is no break
- Please leave soft drinks at home, sports drinks are allowed

We leave everything we don't need in class in the locker room.

For the more mature members, we also choose to follow these guidelines to set a good example.

Commitment and attitude during the lesson

Our lessons are still about having fun, but out of respect for the teachers and for each other, we do have certain expectations, namely:
-Positive attitude in class towards each other and towards the teachers
-Deployment during lessons
o You can have a bad day, and that's no problem, you can always talk to your teacher about that if you want.
-Be able to collaborate with other members of your group
-Limit chatter during dance class
o Especially when the teacher is talking, we expect silence and attention


If you enroll in a class, you are expected to attend that class on a weekly basis.
If you are unable to come, please let your teacher know at least one hour before the start of the lesson. The contact details of the teacher will be communicated in the whatsapp group.

If you are absent, you are responsible for catching up on the choreography you have seen before the start of the next lesson. For our younger students this can be repeated during the lesson, but we spend less time on it than the previous lesson.

Come in time

Please always arrive 5 minutes before your class starts. This way the lesson can start on time and the 60 or 90 minutes can be fully utilized.


No spectators are allowed during class, unless agreed by the teacher. 
Please wait outside or in the hallway until class is over before entering.

If you would like to discuss certain questions or comments, we ask that you do so AFTER the lesson so that it is not interrupted or starts later.


Moving up to a higher level can only be determined by the teachers or the board. This is determined at the end of the school year after the course of the lessons. For new members this can be determined during a trial lesson in consultation with the teacher. The teacher's advice is binding. A student may always register for a lower level than the recommended level.
For new members this can be done by taking a trial lesson.

School holidays and public holidays

There are theoretically no lessons during school holidays and public holidays.
Catch-up lessons or extra rehearsals for a performance can be placed here.


It is possible to obtain your health insurance certificate online with Ledenbeheer.


Family discount: valid for members of the same family. 
In case of doubt and/or ambiguity, Gympies Sterrebeek reserves the right to request a "Family Composition" certificate issued by the municipality.


When images are made of the dancers/members during classes and events related to the association, they could be used on our social media and platforms. By registering you agree to this after payment.

Whatsapp group

Prior to the year, we make whatsapp groups with all members or parents of the members. This way we and you can communicate more easily. You can easily let us know in this group if you can't be there. We can also let you know more easily if, for example, the teacher is ill and cannot make it, etc.
This group is purely for communication about the lessons, we therefore ask that you respect each other's privacy and not do anything else with this information.

Membership refunds

We only refund membership fees on presentation of a doctor's certificate that shows that you cannot exercise for the rest of the school year. We then calculate how many lessons you cannot attend from the day of illness until the end and deduct an administration cost of €10 together with the insurance. We will refund the remaining amount by means of a credit note. We do not provide refunds under any other conditions.

To ask?

If there are questions for teachers, this can be done before or after class. Please never disturb a lesson, this is not fun for anyone. 
For other questions, please contact us via e-mail or telephone +32 456 54 28 46
You may also contact the teacher yourself, if he/she gives permission.

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