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Corona news

 Current measures 

Important terms and conditions

  • All members come to class with their own equipment (drinking bottle, backpack).

  • Members + 12 years old are required to wear a mouth mask upon arrival, break and leaving class.

  • The members who come to class do not have any symptoms of Covid 19.

  • There are no known sick or positive cases in their social bubble.

  • They disinfect their hands before entering the hall / outdoor area + also when the lesson is over, after using the toilet, possibly also before a drink break.

  • Teacher is at the gate with alcohol gel to disinfect hands upon entry.

About the infrastructure

  • All members come to class independently, there is no carpooling. The parents drop the members off at the gate of the parking lot. but do not enter the gymnastics hall / outdoor area. The teacher catches the students at the gate with a mouth mask.

  • A separate route will be provided when arriving and leaving the room. Enter the gymnastics hall (GBS Sterrebeek) through the main entrance and exit through the sliding door so that both bubbles do not come into contact with each other.

  • The dressing rooms remain closed, as well as spectators are prohibited within the hall / dressing rooms.

  • You arrive on time at the hour of your lesson. You don't come fifteen minutes in advance because then the other sports bubble is still busy with their training, we want to avoid contacts between the different bubbles as much as possible.

  • Are you too early? Please wait outside until the group has left the room.

  • The sports hall is equipped with large windows and a double sliding door on the side

    who has access to the kindergarten playground.

    • During the lesson we ventilate the room by opening the windows.

    • During a drink break and after each lesson, the air circulation can be optimally utilized by opening all windows and double sliding doors for 10 minutes.

About hygiene

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly (40 to 60 seconds) with soap and water after using the toilet. Disinfect your hands when entering and leaving class.

  • Only 1 student is allowed to go to the toilet at a time.

  • Do you have to cough? Put it in a paper tissue or the inside of your elbow.

  • Use paper tissues when sneezing or blowing your nose and dispose of them in a closed bin.

  • Avoid shaking hands. Greet each other with a wave or elbow.

  • Touch your face as little as possible with your hands.

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