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CC De Maalderij

Walenhof 17 in Sterrebeek



Every Thursday from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Are you looking for a way to work on your muscles at your own pace? 

The Pilates class is a full body training in which you perform various exercises. You get a lot of variety in  strengthening exercises, a lot of fun, and an intensity that will always be challenging, but at a pace that you set yourself.  You will be proud after every session because you make it your own challenge since you determine your own rhythm. You will also be able to count on the teacher in the group to follow you up in order to go further and further in the effort.  With this type of training, you will train different muscles, improve your strength and burn fat, because the workout sessions are in function of the goal of the day and the targeted muscles. On top of the mental well-being and endorphins that will be released, you will feel fitter and stronger than ever. 

Ready to join us and to become the best version of yourself ? Training is certainly done and fat is also continued to be burned after training. This lesson is therefore mainly aimed at training your body in a fun way and in a group, no one is alone, let's do this together!

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