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 Imani Camerlinckx 



  • Trained as a teacher within the Gympies led by Laura Coorens

About Imani

I've been dancing for 10 years. Dancing has always been super important to me and that's why I'm super happy to be able to teach this year! At Gympies Sterrebeek I have been dancing for 5 years. I started in 2018 with competitions with_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf 58d_Ryanne as coach and this as a duo together with Ellen. This has been quite a challenge for us, but we have learned a lot from this.

I am very excited to teach you this season!


  • Teacher at Gympies since 2019.

  • Participation in competitions with duo in 2019.

  • Been dancing for 10 years

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